About me

My name is Mark John Buenconsejo, and here are 10 things about me:

  1. I am a computer programmer, and have been coding since the 90s.
  2. I strive to improve my practice of wondering, curious, reflecting, vulnerability, coding, advising, coaching, and facilitating.
  3. I am interested in using software to help solve big problems in the field of Healthcare, Education, Finance, and Economic Opportunity.
  4. I am curious about many things (specially social behavior), and obsess in understanding them, and learning deeper.
  5. I prefer working in a small team, with big ambitions.
  6. I have co-started a few businesses, since 1999. My most recent one is Next Level.
  7. I like to go on an adventure, discover things, endure hard stuffs, and grow my boundaries.
  8. I like being outdoors, be it by run, hike, bike, swim, or camp. One day or multi-day events are interesting for me.
  9. The longest endurance activity i have finished was 12hrs on a run, and i look forward to extending this in the future.
  10. I live with my wife and our 3 kids, in Cebu, Philippines.



  • Twitter - this is my main distribution channel for content i share online.
  • Instagram - photos i've taken that i find interesting to share.
  • GitHub - codes i wrote and allowed to share online.
  • LinkedIn - my professional background and resume.
  • Strava - sports data from my adventures.
  • Vimeo - videos i've produced so far.


I help software teams become better and create high quality software. Visit my consulting business, Next Level, for more information.

I am an adviser at Symph, Synacy.

Current mission in life (perhaps until i'm 50):

  1. Understand how teams in software companies thrive, grow, and create software.
  2. Create content and tools that help teams within Asia (markets: PH, SG, JP, AU, IND, MY), who are creating software, to develop and sustain.
  3. Strengthen and be with my family, as my kids go through the most transformative years of their life (14 to 28).
  4. Expand my boundaries, gain new perspectives of how i understand my life, others, everyone, and see more of the world.
  5. Improve my skills in: creative/essay writing, sleeping, awareness of self and others, focus and mindfulness, and public speaking.


I write on topics about life, learning, human behavior, psychology, mindfulness, self development, economics, society formation, social relationships, languages, culture, fitness, and adventure.

Read more from my blog.


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