What remote work is about

For those who naturally make decisions and design their life, then it is a good fit. For the rest, i think the readily available and comfort of working in an office is a much better choice.

Having a mission in life

I believe as we learn more about ourselves and the world, it is good to develop a mission for living life. Having a mission, gives a sense of purpose. Without defining it, it’s hard to know where i will put my time on.

Building a new business

A few weeks ago, i finished watching the 3rd season of Black Sails. Initially, i hesitated to watch the series, since i find it corny, looking at pirates with fashionable clothes and clean hair cuts. Plus, i find it hard to imagine, pirates being very well-versed with society and politics. But, i persevered, and slowly learned to like it.

Morning routine

It’s 4:39am, and i am deep in slumber. The room is a cool, 24 degrees from a late January cool season. Not the snowy kind, since i am in the tropics after all; but cold nonetheless, that we did not have a need for the aircon running the whole night.

Life roadmap

At a recent meeting, i was asked what is my mission in life. Not a near death experience, nor a mid-life crisis incident. Just a regular question to get to know me better.