CodrSchool 2012 batch

The journey to 10,000-hour greatness starts now.

Summer time is coming, which means, it’s CodrSchool time again. This will be the 5th batch, and so far we now have at least 20 CodrSchool alumnus from the past, and this year, there will be 4 more.

Team picture
1st batch, 2008.

I couldn’t say (not yet!) CodrSchool has been successful in it’s mission, since it’s a long term effort. When we started it 4 years ago, the goal was to slowly expose more students to the coder/hacker way of life. Most of the time it’s not a conversion process, but more of a reinforcement, since some already have this way of life; the internship program just re-assures them that there are other people like us, and that we are just like them “normal” people.

So this year, it’s the same setup:

  • 4 interns
  • 3-month program
  • pick a project, build something awesome
  • living allowance
  • working with us at Caresharing office

However, since we have a very limited working space in the office, for this batch we’re opting to use laptops. And also allow working from home or anywhere they want. However, there will be reporting time in the office to work together, since that’s one of the goal of the program anyway, to work within our environment.

This time, it will be managed by some of the past interns (about us here), headed up by Paolo Lim.

At this point, we’re now accepting applicants. Junior, senior students of computer related courses, are invited to apply.

Application is open until the end of March, and is on a first-come-best-to-qualify basis. There will be 3 points of qualifications, first is the online interview questions, second will be the programming exam done at our office, and third will be the personal interview. These 3 are designed to narrow down the candidates, until we have picked the top 4.

Alrighty, apply now, or refer your friends who you think can benefit from the program!