There’s a lot of waste spent in being disengaged. This can be from work or any activity anyone is involved in.

It’s easy to spot this. A person can be very smart and very talented for a particular domain. I can probably say, the brain is specially wired to tackle the certain set of challenges.

In the beginning there’s a rush of enthusiasm. However, after a while it loses momentum. And it’s easy to spot this, since i notice there’s more time spent surfing and filling in time doing random stuffs, than actually producing work.

There’s a deep state of mind, that often lead to this kind of disengagement. And the state is often masked or justified as having fun, or relaxing. There’s a parallel behavior to this like eating junk food and doing junky stuffs (endless swiping in the phone). It’s ok to do this once in a while, however if it gets in a way, or become chronic, then it is a problem.

When observing from the outside, it’s easy to conclude that having fun is getting in the way. However, upon closer look, it’s actually deeper than that.

As a person who’s been coaching and leading people for some time, i am always disappointed by this behavior. Unfortunately, i see it often. And i find it very uncomfortable to deal with, since it can quickly lead to criticism, which makes people defensive, and then become confrontational. So i tend to procrastinate on it.

However, every day i leave it unchecked, i grow more worried, since i know it will just linger in the disengaged cycle, and it has the potential to affect the other organisms nearby (people).

I think it’s important to bring it to attention. And do about it i must.

Well i am hoping, if you find yourself in this disengaged situation, to be honest with yourself, shift your energy, and ask for feedback from others. No one’s going to judge, since everyone also had these kinds of moment.

A lot of times i am guilty of this, and i make a constant point of checking myself what i do, and why i do them. Sometimes i let myself get away from it, but i try to correct when i can. It’s an on-going effort to maintain engagement.