Startup people: Call to arms

Now at the top beside Mt Lanigid.
Trail running with Mike, Armie and Joseph, at Mulao, Liloan.

In addition to being a runner, a biker, and a programmer, i’m also interested in startup activities and entrepreneurship, particularly software businesses.

Recently, there are 2 upcoming local events that needs some volunteers. First is the 2012 ON3 pitching competition. It’s a national event, and they’re looking for someone to take the lead or help in organizing the Cebu leg. And 2nd there’s the upcoming Startup Weekend Cebu (SW Cebu), which is starting to get shape, with Mark Abella as the lead organizer.

Back in the Simpleteq days, i always look forward to participate in startup events; since i see it as a strategic move to be visible out there in the community (to get more client referrals) and also to connect with like-minded people, then possibly convince them to join our team. But at the heart of it, i like to be part of a local community of people who do not like to take the road most traveled (getting a job, rising up the corporate ladder, etc.), since working in a startup can often be a lonely adventure. Plus, it’s nice to talk with people in the software business, with programmers, who always have something to say about Git, Ruby, Linux, Javascript, and CSS. So i’m always around the local community, doing a talk or helping organize a local event.

As our team grows, with more people and revenues, it’s becoming hard to find time to be involved. Even if i find time, there’s also the limited amount of focus available, since startup stuffs is very different from what is currently the focus in our company; and also different from the personal things i’m interested now, like running and biking. As much as i personally like to be involved, there is that limit from effectively being involved.

Right now, we’re looking for the next generation of startups to take the lead. Particularly, someone or a small few, who could be the lead organizer or one of the core organizers of an event. Be it for a big event like SW Cebu or ON3 pitching competition, or a local meet up about startups, business or technology. And if possible, also to be speakers and mentors.

How would someone or a startup team benefit from these events, in addition to the items i mentioned above, i think it’s a good exposure for yourself and your team. Being involved, and contributing to a cause, will show more about who you are and what you do, more than any other type of activity. So participating is a great venue to market your stuffs. It’s a low cost, though sometimes time consuming activity that will guarantee exposure, which can only lead to good things happening for you and your team.

So we’re calling those who are still in the startup stage, to stand up and take up the lead. So this is my call to arms, to rally the troops and bring out your pitch forks!

If you want to get involved, or get in touch, send me an e-mail at