Startup Weekend Cebu 4

Hi friends, i’ll be one of the judges for the upcoming Startup Weekend Cebu 4, this coming June 6 to June 8.

If you are planning to start a business, and haven’t quiet made the first step yet, this is a good event to participate. Bring your ideas, and pitch it during the event to recruit team members. Afterwards, form your team, brainstorm on the idea, and present it on Sunday night for feedback.

The best ideas wins some swag, and get home the bragging rights as the SWC 4 winners. It is also a good step, to increase your network of friends and potential collaborators on the idea, which you can tap should you decide to pursue your business afterwards.

There is no requirement to start your business on the Monday after event, though there’s no harm in doing that. The main goal for this event is education and feedback. The kinds of people, the mentors you meet, and the feedback you’ll get, will stay with you and contribute to your collective know-how in building a business.

If you are not an idea guy, but just looking to join a startup? Then you can join the event to participate as a team member, and pick your team among the voted ideas on friday night.

The event is open to people of all ages, students, rising rockstars, veteran managers, retiring professionals. And the best time to start a business is always now, and the opportunities can be had everywhere.

Startup Weekend events are a rare opportunity to get feedback on your idea from people who have done it before, before you invest money and time on it. There are many challenges in building a business, and the odds are stacked against it. So an opportunity for something like this, is always worth more than the time investment it needs.

Alrighty, i hope i see you there and your money making idea. They are extending the early bird promo, until the end of today. Instead of P 1,000/ticket, it’s discounted at only P 750.

You can read more about the event from their website, and register over at their EventBrite page.