Local trail

There’s a trail route near our house that has become our goto destination, if we need to earn some mileage.

The route is relatively easy, compared to the mountain trails out there, but it’s already challenging for us.

There’s many version to it, there’s 10km, 15km, 20km, 30km. I haven’t done anything beyond 30, but i’m sure there are more trails out there that i can connect to extend the distance.

I noticed, a lot of the locals are familiar with us already, that they greet us, like we are old friends. The people are also very warm, giving greetings while we are on the move, and also helping with direction and local news.


Judging by the pace of development in these towns, it will probably be 20 years, before the trails disappear. Until then, i plan on enjoying the place whenever i have a chance.

Earlier today, we found a new trail, that connects to a waterfall near sitio Kawasan in Liloan, which we trekked a few years ago. With this discovery, there’s now a route that extends up to 15km or 20, composed of mostly dirt and singletrack trails, with almost zero motor/vehicle traffic.

One of these days, i’m going to organize a small group run to explore this “new” route.

More photos follows.