Building programs for life


One theme that’s in discussion at home is creating different programs for the different aspects in life.

There are a few ones, such aspects are,

  • Building assets (fancy term for making money)
  • Traveling and experiencing new things
  • Enriching family and friends connections
  • Being healthy and staying fit
  • Acquiring knowledge and learning new skills
  • Giving and helping others

Within these aspects there are also current priorities, which changes overtime. The change normally happens along the lines of changing positions.

Once in a while, a new item comes along, which i constitute as a milestone. One example, is when i earn my first pay for doing work (2,000 pesos as a Sys Admin, 500 pesos as a video cameraman). Another is when i started to pick-up running.

One program that’s been in the back burner in my life, is a program for my kids. I know, a time will come that i will have to make one. I’m getting good at building programs for software, for business, now, i might as well build a program for growing kids.


I’m not yet sure what will be the contents , all i know is, a lot of adults, refer to their 4th grade as the epiphany moment, where they start to pick up what will eventually become their entire life. So whatever content, probably should not contain Barney or Little Dora on it.

A good program starts with a good vision and a few set of goals. Them goals are then spread out over time, identified with milestones. A good mix of major and minor programs will be good to keep momentum.

Any program should not replace the existing education system, but works in parallel. A good program should also not consume all the time, but leaves a lot for the kids to explore further, or explore new agendas on their own.

One item i learned from exploring the Healthcare market, the biggest draw on consumer care moves along the lines of education, coordination, and monitoring. Similarly, a good training program for kids, will probably revolve around these activities.

Next question will probably be, what’s the content? I think the kids should pick their interests. And interests should change over time, at least in reasonable time, where a kid sticks to a particular topic long enough to learn something from it.

One fact i know, kids has a lot of available time. Another is, contents should also be along the aspects in life i listed above. And third, the projects should be building in nature, where they can communicate their progress and learnings in a platform.

It’s funny, while i write this, i also remember, i’m due for a training program in the company. Perhaps, i can look at both at the same time, with different lenses, one is for kids learning a lot of basics, and second is for adults, learning to optimize and widen their skillset.