Trail run din pag may time


Just finished 31.19km of epic trails, with a total ascent of 1,330m.

The run started ok, until shit strikes around KM13. I think my tummy is not really happy during the run, since i had to do it again around KM16.

I never recovered from the attack, and had to contend with cramps on both my quads, probably due to all the climbs and the not so efficient nutrition.


Finished 5 mins beyond cut-off. I just could not push myself anymore in the last 5KM, since i feel like starting to overheat.

On the bright side, I noticed i’m getting better in surviving these endurance runs, that it’s actually enjoyable already.

Next stop Coast-to-Coast.

More photos below.

Mandatory selfie at the top, of me.

Mister Lim, like a baws at the top!

Sweet singletracks! Just the right amount of muddy-ness.

The locals were out in full force, greeting us along the way.

Nice greeting along the route.

Most singletracks snake through the hills.

This view really looks like the trails in HK.

A thank you note from one of the kids of the school who will receive a donation from the income of the event.