Immense pride


Once in a while, i’m tasked at reviewing the quality of programmers we have in the company. Often this happens when we need to hire, since i need to write job descriptions and establish expectations for new recruits. And for these new hires, it make sense to anchor their level relative to who are already part of our team.

Every time i look at who are in our team, i always feel an immense pride in what we have gathered. It’s easy to find traits such as very smart, motivated, confident, mavericks, and generally just awesomeness all around.

It’s common to find different interests, and people pursuing their passions in life, while at the same time maintaining a “day job” as part of Caresharing.

I have not been very active in expressing this to everyone yet, so i’d like to say that i’m very grateful and happy that they all have joined our cause in pursuing our vision. Life is too short, and should be spent on something worthwhile all the time. And i am thankful they find what we do meaningful and worthy of their time.

The vision of becoming a globally competitive software company from Cebu is an on-going journey, but looking at where we are now, from where we started, we certainly have come a long way. A lot still needs to be written, and as we push forward, i have a sense of pride that it will be things we will be able to handle.