Burning calories and Fitbit

My first day of Fitbit stats are in. Yesterday, i burned 2,149 calories. And yesterday was a typical work day for me.

In a typical meal, i eat around 800 to 1000 calories, and if i eat 3 times a day, including the biscuits and crackers in between, it’s easy to say, i probably consume 3,000 calories a day.

And if you do the math, it’s pretty clear why with this lifestyle, i’m just going to be overweight.

Of course, there will be days that i will burn more, like a typical 30 km trail run, which can burn 3,000 in 6 hours, but the way the body uses energy, is just not very efficient to use up the accumulated fat build up, from the over consumption in other days.

It’s a long story to explain it here, but the idea is to increase metabolism and energy use, more or less around the time you consume calories — so they don’t end up as unburned fat in the belly.

Now imagine if i eat a 2-piece KFC fully loaded, whose calorie content can be at least 1,500 cal, in a day. And all i do is burn 2,100 calories, then there’s a clear imbalance.

I wonder what’s the mindset when KFC, Mcdo, Jolibee, developed their “product”. Do they factor in, if this combo is more than enough what a person’s body need? Will this “poison” the person, or led to a chronic disease like “obesity”, i wonder if that even comes in during the product discovery process.

Of course, there’s a whole debate around this, and i think eventually as the customers evolve to be more health conscious, then a time will come the products will also change. Yes, more will be health conscious, given that it’s easy to be sick with obesity, and we all know, once we get sick, being healthy instantly becomes important.

It’s interesting to see once data is available and visible, a lot of things start to fall into place.

On a side note, it’s interesting to see more people on Fitbit, so we can compare stats. With the sync-to-phone possibility, this looks like something practical to use by more people. I should get this for everyone in the office.