Macbook Pro 15in (2015 model) for sale

Hi friends, i am selling my old Macbook Pro 15inch, that i bought in Jan of 2016.

Bought it at the online Apple Store and had it shipped to Cebu.

The battery has recently been replaced (Jul 2019), since it was eligible in the recent recall. Had it done by Apple’s engineers at their Jewel store in Changi Airport (SG). For info on recall, see Apple’s website.

The unit is at home here in Cebu, and is available for selling immediately.

I already have a newer one which i have been using since last year (Sep 2018), and this one is just sitting around not used at all.

This is already outside the warranty coverage, which you can verify from this link.

No known issues or damage, was lucky to have this unit eligible for the recall, since the repair work replaced it with a new battery, keyboard, and trackpad. Essentially, granted it a new lease on life.

And since most of the time i use this with a bluetooth keyboard/trackpad and an external screen, the physical condition of the unit is as good as it was back when i bought it. Though, there are wear on the outside, due to the shuffling of the unit in the bag.

I would say i am a heavy user (as is the nature of my job), so can’t say for what’s the quality inside (haven’t opened it). But the Apple Repair team commented when i received it back from the repair work, that no physical damage or indications of wear in the inside (they also cleaned it! yey!).

For the buyer, i will not be offering a warranty on this. I can only give an allowance, should the machine becomes inutile after a week of use for natural reasons caused by itself, i am willing to get it back and return the money. Otherwise, i’d consider it good as sold. I can give my personal assurance that from what i know about its conditions, there is nothing wrong with it.

Bought it at Php 134,990.00. Selling it now at Php 65,000.00 (50% from original price). A new Mbpro 13in (with touchbar), with similar specs sells at around Php 110k. Basic version sells for around Php 77k.

Comes as is, no box and no manuals. Has the original power adapter (85w).

I can provide original invoice/OR (PDF) from Apple Store and Genius Bar Work Authorization (PDF) for the repair on battery recall, if needed (didn’t publish it here, since it contains my personal info).


  • 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i7
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • Iris Pro 1536 MB (discrete graphics)
  • Serial: C02R20AVG8WM

See screenshot below:

Details specs from Apple website.

If you have a Mac, you can download and load this System Report file of the unit. This is the info you see when you click ‘System Report…’ from the ‘About This Mac’ dialog.

Photos below (click for hi-res):