Mitsubishi L300 van for sale

Updated as of: Nov 29, 2015

Year model: 2011
Selling price: Php 450,000.00
Condition: Good, all original, no problems

Hi friends, i’m selling my beloved Mitsubishi L300 FB van (2011 model), since i need to raise some money for a personal need.


The van is seldom used for a while now, since i bought a new vehicle, a Mitsubishi Adventure, last year (May 2014). The Adventure is what i use in my every day commute to work, and since i work on most days, the L300 just sits waiting at home, getting a tan and gathering some dust.

Since i was in high school, i always dreamed of getting a big van, where i can just dump anything i want to take with me, and drive off to places. Hence, when i got a chance, this van has been a dream come true. I remember, people asked me if i’m getting it for business, and was a bit surprised when i replied it’s only for me. Perhaps, it’s not common to buy this van for personal use on a leisure drive around town, given it’s bulky and not very comfy. But, i reasoned, i don’t need comfort when i go on an adventure, as long as it can haul around things easily.


But, as time flies by, i find myself sitting more on it in traffic, in my daily commute, than getting lost in the wilderness somewhere. And enduring the not so comfy experience, day-in-day-out, has taken it’s toll on me. I also realized, i spend more time on this van commuting to work, than going on an adventure. It’s nice that my bike, my 3 kids and their bikes, can all fit in the van when we do a road trip, but i only do this a few times in a year; And if i compare this to my work commute, which i do Monday to Friday by myself, i quickly learned it’s not a good match.

Anyway, let’s talk about the details of this van. A few highlights:

  • I bought this brand new, color White, back in July 2011.
  • Now, its odometer reading is 44,537 (you can verify in the photos),
  • driven by me most of the time, who knows how to properly drive vehicles (15 years),
  • and other times, a friend drives it (also a good driver) if my Mom borrows it.
  • Maintained regularly by the local Mitsubishi Service center, following it’s preventive maintenance schedule,
  • and all of it are properly documented with receipts and papers.
  • Used fully synthetic motor oils all the time, to ensure cleaner engine and longer life.
  • No modifications nor customizations from original design,
  • had not been involved in any accidents, and had no major damage.
  • Zero major rust, except for cosmetic rusts under chassis (you can observe this in the photo gallery here).
  • All parts are stock and/or replaced with genuine parts (during maintenance/repair), except for the brand new tires (after photos were taken) and the replaced battery.

I’m selling this van for P 450,000, which i did some searching around, and learned that it’s a competitive market price. If you want to negotiate on the price, please give a good reason why i should accept it, so i can think about it. If i’m convinced about your offer, then, of course, why not.

I can take care of the Deed of Sale documentations, and the cost of having it notarized. But i’ll leave you the hard work of transferring the registrations to your name and/or company. This is better done by you or someone who you know can facilitate, since the delay in processing at LTO, can sometimes take months, and is something i’m not fond of following up.

I have uploaded a lot of photos of this van, below; to give you an idea what it looks like, how it’s been used, and where it has been.

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at I’m not super stoked to be contacted by my mobile phone, since it’s very distracting, so i prefer via e-mail. Once i get a clear idea about your interest, then we can proceed to finalize the sale via mobile phone and in person. In terms of payment, i only accept the full amount, and via managers check or bank deposit/transfer.

Alrighty, questions, comments, and ideas, please send them on my e-mail.

Photo gallery

You can view a high resolution photo gallery here (click here).

Additional photos below.

On daily commute


On a run

CrewingP1020454P1020462P1020466IMG_0398IMG_3183 IMG_0620P1030337

On an adventure